Special edition prints from The New Sylva to be auctioned

Some 80 special edition prints from The New Sylva are to be auctioned to raise money for charity.

The Sylva Foundation – the charity that supported the production of the book by appointing Sarah Simblet as its artist-in-residence – will be auctioning the prints via an online auction site.

The fine art Giclée prints will be selected from the 200 original drawings made especially for the book, and are sure to include those that readers have told us are among their favourites. Each print will be a single edition – signed by Sarah Simblet – accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both book authors.

We wanted to inform our dedicated readers first. This is a unique opportunity to own a high quality print of Sarah Simblet’s work.

If you are interested in being among the first to know when the auction goes live, you can add your email to a list being compiled by the Sylva Foundation. Simply use the form below.

All proceeds for the auction will go towards the charitable work of the Sylva Foundation

Sarah Simblet master class in drawing


Sarah Simblet recently talked about the making of The New Sylva and gave a Master Class in drawing at Cal Lutheran University in California. One of the attendees has written an interesting blog post about the class. Read more on the Art by Vreeke blog

Norway spruce drawings in progress (2)


The latest photograph of Sarah Simblet’s drawing in progress of Norway spruce collected from Westonbirt Arboretum – read the full story.

Norway spruce in progress 2

Norway spruce drawing in progress (2) by Sarah Simblet

Norway spruce drawings in progress

Last week we visited Westonbirt Arboretum (read more) to collect samples from various coniferous trees to be featured in drawings for The New Sylva.

Sarah Simblet has started work on drawing three plates featuring Norway spruce. The photograph shows work in progress, first in pencil, and the start to working in detail with pen and ink. Later more tone and depth will be added.

Norway spruce drawings in progress by Sarah Simblet

Norway spruce drawings in progress by Sarah Simblet

The left-hand drawing will depict a bunch of three mature female cones with examples of both right and left hand twist (which this species can present). It also represents how females cluster at the top of the tree. On the right-hand side a bunch of male cones on a sprig taken from ground level branches (centre right) and a solitary immature female cone with a few males taken from half way up the tree (far right).