The New Sylva

The New Sylva

The New Sylva – in the making

The New Sylva is a detailed and sumptuous celebration of trees and forests, by authors Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet. Published by Bloomsbury, the book was released in the UK in April 2014, and in the US in October the same year.

Its 400 pages feature more than 100 tree species, accompanied by 200 specially commissioned pen and ink drawings.

The book has won a number of awards and received wide acclaim. Read reviews here.

The New Sylva is available in all good bookshops. Signed copies – by both authors – are available to purchase online here.

This website was created by author Gabriel Hemery to feature the stories behind the creation of the book. Starting at the inception of the authors’ journey in January 2012, it features the writing of the manuscript, the making of artwork, insights into the editorial cycle and, finally, it covers our public activities and book reviews.

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“Lucky you, Guardian readers, to have been born at the right time to feast your eyes on this highly anticipated followup to the illustrious Sylva of 1664! As in the original, this is an exhortation to Britons to cherish and maintain their woodlands, with Hemery writing movingly about forests as both artefacts of civilisation and celebrations of tree-dom in your mystically green and astoundingly pleasant land.”

Top 10 books about gardens. Vivian Smith for The Guardian. 20th July 2016


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