Top 10 books about gardens

“Lucky you, Guardian readers, to have been born at the right time to feast your eyes on this highly anticipated followup to the illustrious Sylva of 1664! As in the original, this is an exhortation to Britons to cherish and maintain their woodlands, with Hemery writing movingly about forests as both artefacts of civilisation and celebrations of tree-dom in your mystically green and astoundingly pleasant land.”

Top 10 books about gardens. Vivian Smith for The Guardian. 20th July 2016


Intelligent and graceful text with drawings on a varied scale

“The New Sylva combines an intelligent and graceful text with drawings on a varied scale: detail, tree form, and landscape setting.”

by Phyllis Andersen

“Gabriel Hemery’s New Sylva is both homage to Evelyn, who is liberally quoted throughout the text, and a summary of the current state of the forests of Britain—their composition, growing conditions, and national value. He includes a useful overview of 44 species, including the mechanics of their growth and structure. He offers introductory chapters on the influence of Evelyn’s original publication as well as an overview of tree biology.”

Arnoldia (73/1 • July 2015), the quarterly magazine of the Arnold Arboretum

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MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Review: The New Sylva by Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet

Source: MAKE Literary Productions, NFP | Review: The New Sylva by Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet

Auction of Special Edition Prints from The New Sylva

The drawings in The New Sylva were created by internationally-renowned artist Sarah Simblet while she was artist-in-residence for environmental charity the Sylva Foundation. Now a selection of 80 special edition prints are being auctioned to raise money for its charitable activities.

Auction page on Sylva Foundation website

Auction page on Sylva Foundation website

About the Special Edition Prints

Artist Sarah Simblet rarely sells her work as prints. This represents a unique investment and a special opportunity for fans of her stunning drawings. Each print will be signed by Sarah Simblet, and accompanied by an attractive Certificate of Authenticity, signed by both authors of The New Sylva.

  • Printing has been calibrated by the artist to ensure the finest quality reproduction.
  • Each print will be signed by the artist Sarah Simblet.
  • Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by both authors of The New Sylva.
  • A unique embossing seal is applied on both the print and certificate, the latter including a red foil backing. The seal celebrates the 350th anniversary of John Evelyn’s Sylva of 1664. It reads: The New Sylva // 1664~2014 // Special Edition Print.
  • Only one copy of each print will be sold with its accompanying certificate of authenticity, which includes the drawing title and page number from The New Sylva.

Technical information:

  • The giclee prints have been produced by a specialist fine art printmaker on 330 gsm Galerie Prestige Gold Cotton paper with light-fast inks. There are no optical brighteners employed in the production of this paper, giving longevity and crisp image stability and detail, and it is typically used for gallery and museum-quality prints.
  • The Certificate of Authenticity adopts the same font and colours used in text of The New Sylva book. It measures A4 in size, and has been produced by the same professional printermaker.
  • The 80 prints range in size. The size of this specific listing is provided at the top of the description.
  • The print and certificate will be supplied unmounted and rolled in a large diameter tube, allowing the winning bidder to mount and frame to suit the final placement of the artwork.

Visit the auction page on the Sylva Foundation website

Special edition prints from The New Sylva to be auctioned

Some 80 special edition prints from The New Sylva are to be auctioned to raise money for charity.

The Sylva Foundation – the charity that supported the production of the book by appointing Sarah Simblet as its artist-in-residence – will be auctioning the prints via an online auction site.

The fine art Giclée prints will be selected from the 200 original drawings made especially for the book, and are sure to include those that readers have told us are among their favourites. Each print will be a single edition – signed by Sarah Simblet – accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by both book authors.

We wanted to inform our dedicated readers first. This is a unique opportunity to own a high quality print of Sarah Simblet’s work.

If you are interested in being among the first to know when the auction goes live, you can add your email to a list being compiled by the Sylva Foundation. Simply use the form below.

All proceeds for the auction will go towards the charitable work of the Sylva Foundation